1 Front Cover

In the Still of the Night CD Cover

Calab and Seth CD Cover

'A Lovely Way' CD Cover

'Woman' CD Cover


Calabria Violin

Calabria in Concert

wi_Joe Negri at MCG Jazz

Tori Kelly at the Hollywood Bowl

Calab at Fox Studios

Performance with Chandler Juliet

Recording at Capitol

Calabria Book Cover photo shoot

w Sue Raney and Carmen Fanzone

Bruce Otto at Little Toni's

Dick Nash, Sue Raney, Larry Hall

Calabria's Sister Juliet

Jack Jones and Peter Marshall

Patrick Tuzzolino & Frankie Randall

with Composer Charles Fox

Jasmine (my Keeshond)

Sue Raney and Carmen Fanzone

John Williams and Calabria


with Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco

w Daughter Morgan at the Bowl

Publicity Shot

19 Years Old

Singing In Erie, PA

Las Vegas Concert 1

with DJ Tony Mowod


Calabria, Leopard Hat and Violin

Calabria, Violin, Red Dress


Calabria 1984

Calabria Concert 2b

Performing with Joe Negri @MCG-Jazz

Calabria Loves the Violin

Newport Beach Jazz Party


Calabria Foti publicity shot

"A Lovely Way" Photo Shoot

Trio @ The Getty Center

Calabria Photo Shoot

Alan Bergman, Peter Marshall 2011

Performing with Session Singers


Bob McChesney and Calabria 1983

19 Years Old

Still of the Night cover shot

Calab and Friends at Catalinas


Alternate book cover shot

Bob & Calab at Fox Recording Studios

publicity shot

Calabria and Family

Calabria Headshot 2

Bob and Calabria Publicity Shot

Alan Copeland and Peter Marshall


Bob and Calabria Publicity

Calabria and Johnny Mathis

Calab with the Great Rose Marie

Calabria's Daughters

Violin Concert

Calab Trying to be Cool


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Alan Copeland and Peter Marshall