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RELEASE DATE - June 1, 2019

MoCo Records 23-06


Calabria Foti - vocals/violin solos

Roger Kellaway - piano

Trey Henry - bass

Peter Erskine - drums

Larry Koonse - guitar

Bob McChesney - trombone

John Pizzarelli - guest vocal/guitar

George Doering - electric guitars

Luis Conte - percussion

Charlie Bisharat - orchestra concertmaster

Harp - Gail Levant

Orchestra arrangements by:

Jeremy Lubbock

Roger Kellaway

Johnny Mandel

Jorge Callandrelli

Bob McChesney


Produced by Bob McChesney


Mixed and Mastered by Michael Aarvold

Album Running Time: 56:17

Prelude To A Kiss

In her 4th album release, vocalist/violinist Calabria Foti wanted to make a record like her musical heroes did back in the day; that is, with a big orchestra and legendary arrangers on the podium in an iconic Hollywood recording studio. Ms. Foti says, “This is the most expansive project I have ever done, and at the same time, it’s the most intimate and personal. I recorded at Capitol Records with full orchestra, singing some of the most endearing, sentimental songs ever written, about my devotion to the ones I love. This album is a full production tear-jerker!”

With a stunning array of lush ballads and up-tempo tunes, Calabria Foti displays her talents as violin soloist, scat singer, songwriter, and among interpreters of the Great American Songbook, one of the finest storytellers of our time.

Prelude To A Kiss  is replete with grand, sweeping orchestrations from celebrated arrangers, and small band swingers featuring a stellar ensemble of musical greats.

If her goal was to do a record like those made by her musical heroes of yesteryear, Foti has certainly achieved it. Listening to Prelude To A Kiss  is like cuddling by the fireplace under a warm blanket with a loved one on a chilly night. No one makes “home” seem quite so desirable as Calabria Foti.


02 I Had To Fall In Love With You

03 On The Street Where You Live

04 Waltz For Debby

05 When I Look In Your Eyes

06 Goodbye

07 The Man With The Horn

08 Backyard Medley

09 The Folks Who Live On The Hill

10 It's The Mood That I'm In

      (Duet w/John Pizzarelli)

11 I'm Home

01 Prelude To A  Kiss


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