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"Foti is the best female scat singer I've heard since Ella."

         - Roger Boykin  KKDA  Dallas



"I debuted her today on my Noon shift. Two minutes into her medley, I Am Woman / You Fascinate Me So, I received a call from a young lady wanting to know who was singing. After the medley, I had another inquiry from a veteran jazzer about her. Then, returning to my desk I received an email from one of jazz89 KUVO's staunchest supporters and big jazz fan, requesting details about her."

         - Arturo Gomez,   KUVO   Denver



"SWEET JESUS!!! What a wonderful vocalist!! She has such great phrasing and interpretive ability, it's a no-brainer for us to jump in the water on this at Music Of Your Life."

          - Jim Raposa, Program Director,   Jones Radio Network, Music of Your Life Radio Network


 "Calabria Foti is great stuff. Probably the best vocal cd, male or female, I've gotten this year."

          - Mike Sherrill,  WNNC   Newton, NC


"Remarkable. Her training as an instrumental musician shows in her exquisite phrasing and delivery. Her approach is from another universe compared to the singers of her generation. She invests all of the material on "A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening" with the aura of a diva beyond her years."

         -Doug Collar,  WKAR FM   East Lansing/Detroit



"When reviewing the release of any vocalist, your first interest is always the ballad. That is where the truth is spoken. The ballad styling of Calabria Foti is warm, pure, sensual, orgasmic, loving. Calabria Foti is an evenings "must" on sunset jazz."

         - George Fuller,  KRML  Jazz & Blues Radio, Carmel, Ca


 "Thanks for bringing this prize to my attention. A young, unaffected voice respectful of classic American songs with gorgeous arrangements (small group as well as strings) – plus a subtle jazz feel. What could be better."

         - Bob Craig, WRTI-FM  Philadelphia



"She is marvelous. I love her singing!"

       - Tony Mowod,  WDUQ  90.5 FM  Pittsburgh


"You got it right when you sent me Calabria Foti's "A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening." What a wonderful project! Her voice reminds me of a perfect crystal. I really like the way she tells a story with each song, it's as if she's living it, not singing it. Musicians, choice of material (all tracks are playable on air), the beautiful string arrangements PLUS her voice make this a (dare I say it?) GREAT project. Ya can't put a label on her. Simply put, she's a wonderful singer! That's the best compliment anyone can receive."

       - Don Gordon,  KIPO  Hawaii



"Calabria Foti is an evenings must on sunset jazz."

       - George Fuller, Facilities Director  KRML Jazz & Blues Radio, Carmel, Ca.



"First-rate stuff."

       - Jeff Holtz, WIUM / WIUW-FM Macomb, IL



"Like a cool south Florida breeze my Sunday jazz brunch audience in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach felt her refreshing, timely, confident, inviting style and responded with a curiosity that matches her promising future."

       - Stu Grant,  Love 94 FM   Miami Florida



“Her voice is marvelous! Keep sending us her wonderful records! What a singer!”

       - Dave Rafferty, KABC Radio, Dallas, TX

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